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Best of Leopold CD Cover
Best of Leopold
Vienna, 1697
CD, Label: Klangrede
16 Tracks, Duration 36:06

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Voglio il core CD Cover
Voglio il core
Voglio il core—Music from the Salon of the Renaissance Courtesan, Veronica Franco, Venice. Circa 1574
recorded in march 2006
CD, Label: Klangrede
22 Tracks, Duration 44:33

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Inventionen CD Cover
little preludes, two and three-part inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach and Isaac Newton's model of an analytic relationship between colors and notes
DVD, Label: Klangrede
22 Tracks, Duration 34:03

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Johann Joseph Fux CD Cover
Johann Joseph Fux
Johann Joseph Fux – Musik für Cembalo
Label: Klangrede/Distribution: Preiser Records
27 Tracks, Duration 57:13

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